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Self-Employment Assessment

You have accepted a Contract for Services with Stonebridge Payment Solutions and are therefore aware that you are a self-employed individual and have no statutory employee/worker rights.


You should consider paying an estimated amount towards your tax and national insurance liabilities monthly, or at least be putting aside sufficient cash to meet your liabilities when they fall due with HMRC.


It is important that Stonebridge Payment Solutions are satisfied with your self-employed status prior to making your first payment.


Please read the following information and notify us immediately if there is anything you don’t understand or that isn’t accurate.



  • You are aware of the risks and responsibilities of being self-employed and running your own business.

  • You are aware of the implications and responsibilities of being self-employed with regards to tax and national insurance.

  • You confirm that you plan on being self-employed in the future.

  • You are aware of and have considered other employment options? i.e., Umbrella.



If you have previously had a limited company for this role and have received an inside IR35 assessment or have previously been engaged by the end client as an employee in the previous 3 months, then you must notify us immediately.

You must also notify us if anything changes in relation to your self-employed/CIS status. You can contact using the form below.

Contact Us

For any enquiries or to update Stonebridge of a change in your self-employed/CIS status, please fill in the contact form below.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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